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Student guest blog post: the Wagner effect

The starting vortex at the trailing edge, as visualized by Prandtl in 1934 using a water channel and aluminum particles.

The fourth and final student guest post explains the Wagner effect, and its role in animal flight. We hope you enjoy the series of posts from GW students of animal locomotion! The previous guest posts are: Pterosaur quad launch Pterosaur weight estimation Pterosaur wings and flight capabilities This post completes the series, which was inspired... Continue »

Student guest blog post: pterosaur wings and flight capabilities

This is the third guest blog post authored by students of the course on animal flight for engineers at GW. The series looks into several long-standing debates about the flight of pterosaurs. The previous guest post addressed the problematic issue of estimating the weight of extinct animals like the pterosaurs, which have no living relatives.... Continue »