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CFD Python: 12 steps to Navier-Stokes

Cavity flow solution at Reynolds number of 200 with a 41x41 mesh.

We announce the public release of online educational materials for self-learners of CFD using IPython Notebooks: the CFD Python Class! Update! (Jan.2014) CFD Python has a new home on GitHub Some background This post describes the first practical module of Prof. Barba's Computational Fluid Dynamics class, as taught between 2010 and 2013 at Boston University. The... Continue »

Barba at the NAE FOEE Symposium

Professor Barba, with students in class. She has adopted flipped classroom approaches to teaching, with video being used to deliver content, and active-learning in the classroom. Photo by Saana McDaniel (2012).

Professor Barba was selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) symposium 2012. Here is a reflective note she wrote after coming back from this event in October 2012. Engineering education changes slowly. At the first engineering schools in America—West Point (1819), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1828), University of Virginia (1833)—a professor lectured at... Continue »

Digital inking and lecture screencasts

Contribution to Boston University's First Annual Instructional Innovation Conference, held March 27, 2009.

Describes the use of digital inking on electronic slides during lectures, and live recording of screencasts, as used by the author during her teaching in Spring 2009 for the Fluid Mechanics course... Continue »


Barba is Piazza "Innovator of the Week"

Photo by Saana McDaniel, Boston University 2012

The Piazza company blog has chosen Prof. Barba as“Innovator of the Week”, focusing on her long trajectory of using various technologies and pedagogical improvements in her teaching. In her latest experiment, Prof. Barba opened her Piazza class for Computational Fluid Dynamics to guest students and self-learners from around the world, creating an online community around her course.... Continue »

Flipped class energizes CFD

By Mark Dwortzan Two . . . one . . . zero. Change! Clutching an iPhone, Assistant Professor Lorena Barba (ME) works a brightly lit computer lab at the Photonics Center like a Hollywood movie director, cueing her ENG ME 702—Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)—students to take their places on the set of what she calls... Continue »