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CFD Python: 12 steps to Navier-Stokes

We announce the public release of online educational materials for self-learners of CFD using IPython Notebooks: the CFD Python Class! Update! (Jan.2014) CFD Python has a new home on GitHub Some background This post describes the first practical module of Prof. Barba's Computational Fluid Dynamics class, as taught between 2010 and 2013 at Boston University. The... Continue »

The science diasporas lead the action from campus to society

The 2013 Global Diaspora Forum (GDF) in Washington, DC was held 13–14 May at USAID headquarters and  the U.S. Department of State. I was invited to be a panelist in "The Science Diasporas Lead the Action: from Campus to Society," joining moderator Alfred Watkins (Executive Chairman of the Global Innovation Summit) and panelists Rohit Shukla (CEO, Larta Institute) Wole Soboyejo (President, African University... Continue »

Comment: "Will MOOCs destroy academia?"

The editorial "Will MOOCs destroy academia?", by Moshe Vardi, appeared in the November 2012 issue of the Communications of the ACM. This is my reaction to that editorial, written at the time the editorial appeared online, with the intention of leaving a comment to it. The comment grew too long, and thus I decided to... Continue »

This CFD class is flippin’

Having recorded the lectures when I first taught my Computational Fluid Dynamics course (for graduate students and senior undergraduates), I found myself in possession of around 40 hours of video to use again the next time. I had uploaded almost all the videos to the iTunes U service, and my students used this for lecture recall and replay. This... Continue »