Lorena A. Barba group


PASI in Chile, January 2011

From right: Professor Takayuki Aoki (Tokyo Tech), L. Barba, Prof. Wen-Mei Hwu (UIUC), at the Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute "Scientific Computing in the Americas", Chile, January 2011.

Barba named CUDA Fellow

Prof. Barba is among four new CUDA Fellows  named by NVIDIA Corporation in advance of this year’s GPU Technology Conference. She joins an elite group of leaders in GPU computing [link updated]. Each of these individuals has demonstrated a passion and commitment to using CUDA and the power of GPU computing to help solve some of... Continue »

Barba is Piazza "Innovator of the Week"

The Piazza company blog has chosen Prof. Barba as“Innovator of the Week”, focusing on her long trajectory of using various technologies and pedagogical improvements in her teaching. In her latest experiment, Prof. Barba opened her Piazza class for Computational Fluid Dynamics to guest students and self-learners from around the world, creating an online community around her course.... Continue »

Barba receives NSF CAREER award

The award will fund Prof. Barba’s research in scalable algorithms for extreme computing on heterogeneous systems. Recent trends in high-performance computing (HPC) are clearly in the direction of computing systems involving various structurally different types of hardware (i.e., heterogeneous), of which a prominent example are GPUs (graphics processing units). Prof. Barba is one of the early adopters of GPU... Continue »