Lorena A. Barba group

Barba is Piazza "Innovator of the Week"

Photo by Saana McDaniel, Boston University 2012

The Piazza company blog has chosen Prof. Barba as“Innovator of the Week”, focusing on her long trajectory of using various technologies and pedagogical improvements in her teaching.

In her latest experiment, Prof. Barba opened her Piazza class for Computational Fluid Dynamics to guest students and self-learners from around the world, creating an online community around her course. This adds to her previous efforts of sharing video lectures on iTunes U and on You Tube (where today the playlist surpasses 13,000 views).

Phil Soffer writes:

Lorena’s classroom sounds like just the kind of dynamic, stimulating, intellectually rigorous experience that you’d want to have as a student. If I were at BU (and could still do math), I would love to be in her class. But what about those people following the lectures at home, on iTunes U or YouTube?