Lorena A. Barba group

GPU computing at Boston University

Lorena Barba, Claudio Rebbi, Glenn Bresnahan, Richard Brower. Photo by Saana McDaniel (2012).

Prof. Barba, together with Profs. Richard Brower and Claudio Rebbi, funded the first GPU cluster in BU named 'bungee', with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The researchers had the inspired goal of reaching out to other computing-intensive groups, and opened access to the facility. They organized two "GPU@BU" workshops and CUDA tutorials and a community gelled. This played a role in the most recent event: the donation of 160 GPUs, valued at $320k, by HP. This donated equipment will be installed in a new cluster bought with funds from IS&T and the CCS. The new system, to be known as 'budge', will be the largest academic GPU cluster in the East Coast when it comes online in Spring 2013.