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Lorena Barba is Jupyter Distinguished Contributor

At the closing keynote of JupyterCon 2020, Fernando Pérez introduced the inaugural class of Jupyter Distinguished Contributors, and Lorena Barba was among them!

Project Jupyter established a "Distinguished Contributor" award in 2020 to recognize the work of contributors that is sustained over at least two years and is substantial in quality and quantity.

Prof. Barba was recognized for her work in pioneering and promoting Jupyter in research and education, including publishing many highly-regarded course materials. She was also recognized for organizing and leading community efforts directly impacting Jupyter, such as the community workshop on Jupyter in education, her championing of diversity efforts, and her leadership as a NumFOCUS member of the Board of Directors.

Lorena Barba was also General Chair for JupyterCon 2020, which had to pivot online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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