Lorena A. Barba group

Flying snake wake visualizations

Vorticity field in the wake behind a snake cross-section at a Reynolds number of 2000 and 35-degrees angle of attack.

We are using the immersed boundary method to study the aerodynamics of flying snakes, in a collaboration with Jake Socha and Pavlos Vlachos at Virginia Tech.

We submitted the first paper on the aerodynamics of flying snakes in 2013, and we have prepared some animations of the vortical wake behind the anatomically correct snake-cross section to supplement the results presented in the paper. Follow the link below to the figshare repository where the video has been published (note that figshare objects have a permanent DOI, allowing you to cite this media).

The paper was submitted and the preprint is available on arXiv.

Jake's TEDx talk at VTech