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The team at work: (from left) Tingyu Wang, Gilbert Forsyth, Pi-Yueh Chuang, Olivier Mesnard.

Barba group students have been awarded fantastic opportunities this year! Tingyu Wang was selected to participate in the International High-Performance Computing Summer School in Slovenia (June 26 to July 1). This will be the seventh instance of this international summer school, a collaboration of the National Science Foundation XSEDE program, the European PRACE program, Calcul Canada and Japan's Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science.

Tingyu Wang was also competitively selected for a summer internship at General Electric (GE) Global Research, under Dr. Masako Yamada of the Secure Architectures and Scalable Systems unit. He won this opportunity thanks to his numerical programming experience with GPU devices and an excellent command of linear algebra.

Pi-Yueh Chuang was chosen to participate in the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC) in Chicago from July 31 to August 12. This is an intense training event in high-performance computing, with world experts as instructors. To get an idea, check out the video collection from the 2015 version of the program.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Forsyth submitted a tutorial proposal for SciPy (the Scientific Python Conference) titled "Numba: Tell those C++ bullies to get lost." The SciPy tutorial was accepted and Gilbert will be leading it, with Prof. Barba this time acting as a teaching assistant 🙂

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