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Nature TechBlog: My digital toolbox

Jeffrey Perkel, Technology Editor for Nature, interviewed Prof. Lorena A. Barba about her research group's reproducibility practices and the digital tools that enable them.

She talked about the group's computational research interests, their avant-garde use of digital tools and repositories to create "repro-packs," and how these allow her to share research figures freely even when part of a published article.

The interview questions are:

  1. Please tell us about your research and the key computational tools you use.
  2. What is computational reproducibility, and how did you decide to focus on it?
  3. You’ve written that the key to ensuring reliability and transparency in science is by “automating every step”. What does that mean, in practice?
  4. You told us about a strategy your lab uses in preparing publications called a “reproducibility package.” What exactly is that?
  5. You publish your figures from the repro-packs under a CC-BY license. What has journals’ response been to that practice?

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